Launch a pilot project together with a diamond-mining industry leader
ALROSA ands GenerationS start scouting for projects in diamond-mining sector
Program completed
The world's largest producer of diamonds in terms of carats. The company explores, mines, and sells rough diamonds, and produces polished diamonds.
ALROSA accounts for 95% of Russia’s overall diamond output
15 mln.USD
ALROSA invested nearly 15 mln. USD in R&D in 2017
Up to 10
Up to 10 projects will have a chance to work with the corporation

What are the benefits for participant?

Expert review
Mentor support
Manufacturing application
Production facilities for project finalization
ALROSA offers money prizes and project financing for promising startups
Expert review
Mentor support
Pilot launches
Manufacturing application and scaling the project inside the corporation
ALROSA offers money prizes and project financing for promising startups

ALROSA actively cooperates with startups following the "open innovations" model. In 2016, ALROSA became an industrial partner of Mining&Metals track at GenerationS accelerator. The corporation launched a successful pilot with the winner of the program – IZOTEST 2.0.

Mirny Mining and Processing Division, the oldest production facility at ALROSA, working with the project.

Scope of projects' selection

We are looking for startups at R&D or higher stage
Open-Pit Mining
  • New components and methods for drilling and blasting operations to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Automation of drilling and blasting operations
  • Systems of remote and unmanned fleet management of mining equipment (excavators, dump trucks, motor graders, bulldozers and other auxiliary equipment)
  • IT solutions for monitoring the technical condition of the park of mining equipment of foreign production and production of the CIS countries
  • Predictive Analytics (Big Data) to increase productivity and reduce maintenance downtime for mining equipment
  • Improving the efficiency of surveying through new tools for field work and office data processing, process automation
  • New (wear-resistant) materials for mining technology
  • Open pit ventilation systems
  • Transferring quarry machinery to NGV fuel
Subsurface Mining
  • New components and methods for drilling and blasting operations to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Automation of drilling and blasting operations
  • Systems of remote and unmanned management of mining equipment in the mine (drilling, mining dump trucks, PDM, mining combines and other auxiliary equipment)
  • Mining control systems
  • IT solutions for monitoring the technical condition of the park of foreign-made mining equipment
  • New principles, methods and tools for surveying underground mining
  • Geophysical support of underground mining as a basis for ensuring technological safety
Diamond ore and sand beneficiation technologies
  • Online systems for assessing pulp grain size distribution below 50.0 mm.
  • Online systems for assessing diamond content in the flow (pulp, wet material).
  • New energy efficient methods of drying diamond-bearing products and concentrates
  • New methods of separation for diamond ore and sand.
  • Digital counterparts of key processing plants for solving optimization problems before testing new solutions
  • Machine vision technologies based on video cameras to collect additional data on the state of operation of process equipment and quality control
  • Predictive analytics (Big Data) of enrichment processes to optimize process schedules for equipment operation
Geological Prospecting
  • Technologies, tools and equipment in the field of drilling with preservation of core
  • New geophysical methods of discovering kimberlite pipes (under trapp formation rocks; identification of kimberlite pipes, pipes with contrasting electrical properties in the interwell space
  • Environmentally friendly and reliable technology for the separation of minerals by density, extraction of loose and crushed diamond indicator minerals and diamonds themselves with grain sizes from 0.5 to 8 mm from mass samples (schlich) (replacement of manual operations)
  • Reliable technology for the isolation of single microdiamonds with a particle size of 0.075-1 mm from mass samples (schlich, crushed)
Energy Efficiency
  • Utility metering systems automation, analysis and forecasting of utilities' consumption in real time (energy management systems)
  • Utilization of systems for assessing the energy efficiency of process equipment in real time (for example, the identification of "oversized" pumps)
  • Application of energy-saving technologies in engineering systems of industrial enterprises, buildings, and structures
  • Utilization of innovative thermally insulating materials
  • Optimization of supply and exhaust ventilation in industrial facilities
  • Increasing energy efficiency through modernization and technical upgrades in select units of industrial enterprise
  • Search for the most effective way to clean the saline water of storage tanks of the tailings of the beneficiation plants of ALROSA for the purpose of their reuse for production purposes
  • Development of technology for the preparation of backfill mixtures for the laying of arrays of mines using saline overburden rocks
  • Reclamation technologies for dumps in the Far North
Industrial safety and personnel training
  • IT solutions and platforms for centralized storage and management of data on compliance with industrial safety requirements
  • AR / VR training platform with developed training scenarios applicable to the mining industry
Procurement and supply activities
  • Technologies for big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning in procurement with reference to specific features of 223-FZ (market analysis, search for suppliers, defining the maximum starting price of contract)
  • Robotic automation and support for procurement business processes
  • Principally new innovative technologies to increase performance of warehouse operation (receiving, loading, unloading, transloading, storing)
  • Principally new innovative technologies in transport logistics to increase efficiency of transport use


Геннадий Никитин
Gennadiy Nikitin
Deputy Director of Yakutniproalmaz Institute – Head of Center for Innovations and Technologies
Екатерина Петрова
Ekaterina Petrova
Director of GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Александр Акишев
Alexander Akishev
Head of Complex Department of Opencast Mining
Наталья Кулинич
Natalia Kulinich
Head of Environmental Analysis Laboratory
Игорь Зырянов
Igor Zyryanov
Deputy Director for Science, Yakutniproalmaz Institute
Сергей Имангулов
Sergey Imangulov
Head of Complex Department of Beneficiation
Александр Гаврилюк
Alexandr Gavrilyuk
Deputy Director for Survey and Design Works, Yakutniproalmaz Institute
Елизавета Морозова
Elizaveta Morozova
Manager at GenerationS Corporate Accelerator

Event Calendar

September 13 – February 10, 2019
Collecting applications
February 2019
Project screening and announcing winners
March 2019
Starting the work with ALROSA


1, Nobelya St., Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow